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Accelerating the Energy Transition in Residential Real Estate with Your Mortgage Portfolio

An insight for financial institutions about why and how they should invest in better and new products for a green mortgage portfolio.

Active participation of financial institutions in the energy transition is essential. This article will discuss why it is relevant for Dutch mortgage providers to play an active role in the energy transition. In addition, this article will explain how financial institutions can tackle the energy transition in their mortgage portfolio.

The housing market accounts for a significant part of the total CO2 – emissions in the Netherlands. According to the new Dutch Climate Deal financial institutions will play an important role to reach the Dutch climate targets. Investments in energy efficiency improving measures are thus of the essence. Besides, a greener mortgage portfolio could decrease risks from the perspective of bank regulators and society. Improving the mortgage portfolio on the Investment & Capital Dimension and the Human Capital & Consumer Participation Dimension of the Energy Transition Index (World Economic Forum) will help to decrease those risks.

Financial institutions can begin with or accelerate their improvements of an energy efficient mortgage portfolio from the perspectives of Managing Risk, Commercial Opportunities, and Corporate Social Responsibility by creating an Energy Transition data set.

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