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Decryption: Instant Payments: How Long Till the European Standard?

The Pan-European Instant Payments Scheme came into effect on November the 21st 2017. This European-wide initiative aims to contribute in reshaping the European payment landscape by offering more convenience, speed and security to all parties involved as well as encouraging further harmonization of payment transfer across EU countries.

Instant Payment (IP) is going to become the new norm. Progressively, Payment Services Providers (PSPs) across the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) (will have to) adhere to the scheme and propose Instant Payments to their clients, customers, merchants and businesses.

Which are the main drivers and characteristics of this new way of making transactions? What are opportunities, advantages, challenges and risks raised by IP? Which countries are already moving forward with this new technology? What about Belgium?

  • Click here to download the Insight.
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