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The performance plan has been part of the IT landscape for many years. Driven by Top Management, it is often perceived as carrying negative messages: the penalization (the value and the effectiveness of the services of the IT Department are not perceived as sufficient compared to their cost), the arbitrariness (it is not possible to avoid it), the urgency (the savings must be made quickly), the excess (the objective of cost reduction seems unachievable) ... sometimes reinforced by the lack of preparation of the CIOs. In this context, the reaction is often to activate “freeze” levers (abandonment or postponement of a project), which certainly produce immediate savings but which are likely to impact the productivity of the company in the medium term (creation of the technical debt). However, the performance plan is also an opportunity to improve the operational performance of the IT Department and to increase the maturity of its financial management (strengthening the cost control culture, understanding of the cost drivers, enriching the dialogue with the Business, demand management). Our goal is to provide CIOs with key areas to consider to be able to more effectively address these plans that have become unavoidable, but also to turn them into opportunities.

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