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Interview at MyMicroInvest, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in Belgium

We had the pleasure to meet Peter De Decker, Senior Investment Analyst at MyMicroInvest, and to talk with him about his company’s business model, strategy and future challenges.


By offering both equity and lending based crowdfunding, MyMicroInvest hosted more than 80 successful campaigns, selected beforehand based on rigorous criteria.

By expanding progressively internationally, on a market relatively young and still growing, MMI raised €45m in total (including investments of professional investors).  

MyMicroInvest is the first Belgian crowdfunding platform that obtained an accreditation from the FSMA, allowing investors to benefit from the start-up Tax Shelter after investing on projects. Beside this legal framework giving investors some incentives to invest, MMI offers also some Tracer services for helping them to build a diversified portfolio of start-ups. Others incentives to invest and services to clients as well as pricing and revenue strategies are explained in greater details in the full interview.

For enhancing credibility and growth of crowdfunded projects, MyMicroInvest requires some professional investors or business angels to co-invest with the crowd. By going a step further, MMI manages several funds, called Inventures for co-investing in projects solving societal challenges (health care, environment, education, sharing economy and society).

Even if this is not always obvious for crowdfunding projects, since the creation of the platform, two exits for the crowd have been realized. But, after MMI trades an equity-linked notes through the Euronext Expert Market, the following question could be raised: would it be profitable to launch a secondary market in Belgium for ‘crowdfunding securities’?

To read the full interview, please click here.


Contacts: peter@mymicroinvest.com - info@mymicroinvest.com

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